Sunday, September 26, 2010


It's been a while since I've written a music related post but lately, actually the past week I've been feeling incredibly inspired musically. On our way back from camping in Okutama, Julie, Basak and I met a huge group of people from Singapore who were here performing at the En Fire Festival. Musicians, DJs, poi artists, organizers all with incredible positive energy and passion. Simply being in the presence of these people is enough to inspire you.

I have spent the last week hanging out with these guys learning about Singapore and the music scene there. It has been amazing to meet and talk with fellow music lovers and this has inspired me to get back into writing and publishing music related articles. I'm hoping to catch up with the guys from OrkeStar Trio one last time before they fly back to Singapore so we can chat.

Enjoy the videos. The last one features Romi Yacop one of the poi artists from Singapore. He won first place in the fire battle at En Fire Festival.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Now I Know My ABC's!

Since I've started working at a pre-school the only songs that are on regular rotation in my head are childrens songs. They're too catchy, dammit!

However, I did manage to get myself out to a punk show finally. I can't remember the last show I attended. I was really impressed with the line-up. We were a little late arriving (because we got lost) so the show had already started. The first band (whose name I can't remember because it was in Japanese) was interesting. 2 piece experimental rock I guess is the best description. One guitarist and the other guy was vocals/symbols/entertainer. Wasn't a huge fan of the music although they were quite entertaining to watch.

The next band was One Size. Pop punk in Japan is still in the 1990's North American version of the genre, back when it was in its prime, before it started getting mixed up with metal and synth and all kinds of other things. Unfortunately I don't have a website link for them.

My favorite band of the night was ALF. They were also straight up pop-punk and tight. For the first couple songs I couldn't quite place my finger on who they sounded like and then it hit me! New Found Glory! And of course they ended up playing a cover of "My Friends Over You". They actually did 2 covers, I love covers. The second one was a cover of "Bad Day" by Daniel Powter which was INCREDIBLE!! I love surprise covers like that. It sounds really good as a punk song. Here's the original in case you forgot what it sounds like:

Here's some exciting news! Darren (lead singer from The Salads) e-mailed me in regards to a previous blog post which happened to be about the musical heart break they caused me. He was really cool about my reaction to The Big Picture and has assured me that The Salads I know and love are back in full swing. Yay!! Here's a bit of nostalgia for ya:

That's all. kthxbai

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Love and Beth Ditto

While waiting to meet a friend for dinner yesterday I decided to waste some time in a local bookstore. I was looking for fashion inspiration but ended up finding a new favorite band.

While scanning this months covers of American and British pop culture magazines I came across this one:

First I was incredibly shocked and impressed that a woman that's NOT 5 feet and 100lbs was featured on the cover of a magazine then I needed to find out who this woman was. I opened to the article and began to read. I soon found out that this woman, Beth Ditto, is the front woman for the band Gossip whom I had never heard of. Her ballsyness and love and support for feminism and the riot grrrl movement pushed me to follow up and find out what kind of music this girl is doing. I'm not really sure how to define it. It's a mix of Heart, a bit of originial pop punk and full on girl power. I love it!

Reading this article in Love magazine I also found out that way back in 2006 Sony Music started a "gay" record label that has since dissolved. Interesting huh?

Check out one of The Gossips videos below...

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

I'm baaaack...

I really need to update more regularly.

So I just saw Mariah Carey's video for her new single "Obsessed". One word, creepy. As you can probably figure out from the title of the song it's about obsession and in the video there is a "male" that is constantly around Mariah throughout her day, following her, taking pictures of her etc and as it turns out the "male" is in fact Mariah dressed as a male and not very well I might add. I also noticed that her boobs have gotten a lot bigger. Just a side note.

I'm in the market for a radio. I know I can find all the music I want online even in video form but there's something very comforting going about your daily household business with a radio on in the background. And as far removed as I may feel from Western pop culture the big radio station here in Tokyo, Inter FM stays up-to-date with J-music AND Western music (their website is how I found that Mariah Carey video).

I miss working at a music store :(

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


It's been too long since I last complained about the current state of music. I got super busy and now have like a bajillion things on the go including 3 jobs.

So where do I start?

Here's a question: Who the fuck are The New Cities? The newest Sony music profit tool is my best answer. I'm missing a lot of crap living in the land of robots but I'm also missing a lot of great music as well. This makes me sad. But thanks to music lover friends on Facebook some great things are brought to my attention, like...


And speaking of new music from great Canadian bands, .moneen. also have a new EP which is incredible! It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. I heart Canadian music. Metric also have a new album. I used to really, really like them, I still hold a soft spot for them but they don't wow me like they used to.

I've been on a mission to teach myself about techno/trance/house and everything else that can fall into this general area of music. I pride myself on knowing at least a little bit about all genres of music but somehow this one I ignored. I'm starting to understand, slowly. During my university days there were a few DJ/tracks I liked (which I generalized as "techno") but I know now that most of the stuff I liked is considered trance. DJ Alligator and Da Rude are a few of my favorites. All this stuff I've been listening to and studying lately is giving me a huge urge to go clubbin' or to a rave. Its been a long ass time since I've danced all night long, better stock up on energy drinks!

Right now I'm listening to this...

Oh the memories... Sweetwaters I do not miss you at all.

Other than teaching myself about techno, trance and the like I've started going back in time in terms of my musical tastes and adding lots of 90's stuff to my music library. I've been adding so much, I'm going to have to do a clean up soon and get rid of stuff I'm not listening to anymore :( Unfortunately my hard drive isn't very big.

That's about it for me...


Friday, March 13, 2009

Just a few things...

As I said before I'm getting more and more into pop and R n B lately. I'm not ashamed, but I do blame it on the fact that I'm getting older. Don't get me wrong I still love stuff like Protest The Hero and Poison The Well I guess it just depends on my mood. Lately I just want to relax so the more smooth it is, the better. I'm also finding myself rediscovering my love for pop-punk. If you haven't heard the new New Found Glory - Not Without a Fight, what the hell are you waiting for? As to be expected from these guys it's poppy and catchy as fuck! I love it!

I'm right loving the new Red Jumpsuit Apparatus as well the single "You Better Pray" well I'm loving the entire album but this song is great. They've steered away from their "screamo" sound and have headed into a 80's hair metal sound with the vocals sounding a lot like Axel Rose, he even looks a bit like him.

Somehow I stumbled across The Sosos and my first thought while listening to "Should've Wandered" was "Presidents of the United States of America". I enjoy these guys.

Something I really like though is collaborations, especially when the end result is amazing. Say Anything + Saves The Day = Two Tongues. Catchy and amazing. Check 'em out!

I guess that's all for now. Oh yea, unfortunately I won't be attending Punk Spring 09 anymore as I will be in Thailand, a small price to pay for an amazing vacation. I'll catch all the bands I wanted to see some other time.

Rock on!


Saturday, January 31, 2009

Motley, I mean, Black Tide

I know it can't just be me but when I listen to newcomers, Black Tide, I can't help but be taken all the way back to the glory days of hair metal, specifically the Motley Crue days of hair metal. Even the vocals sound like Vince Neil. Check out their video for "Shout" here

These guys have done a lot in the few years they've been together, including tours with Lacuna Coil and All That Remains and dates on Ozzfest and the upcoming 2009 Warped Tour. Not bad for a bunch of guys that are all under 21 years old.

That's all for now. Here's a Motley Crue song to send you off.